Ben led weaning week four

This week has seen Ben chewing and swallowing more food and seeming to enjoy the flavours as much as the experience of squelching and throwing.
New this week:

20140422-073910.jpgMashed potato.



20140422-074018.jpgRice cakes.

20140422-074042.jpgPasta and bolognese.

20140422-074225.jpgSweet potato.



As the week goes by it feels like I’m not giving him enough, then I bring it all together here and on top of the things he’s been having over the last couple of weeks we’re actually doing quite well.
It’s too early to say whether it’s really having an effect, but the combination of being with other children while they eat at nursery and seeing Ben trying new things seems to be encouraging Ted to have a go… But in very small steps. Fingers crossed.


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