About This Blog

I started this blog when my now-three year old, Ted, was a tiny baby because I felt as though there was a shortage of places for new parents to go and talk about the realities of first-time parenting without judgement.

I didn’t encapsulate my placenta, I failed to breastfeed and I don’t use homeopathic remedies or elimination communication. When Ted was born I was scared of getting it wrong and there were plenty of people ready to pounce on me and tell me I was getting it wrong.

I started writing here because I thought it might help me to become more confident in my parenting if I could be honest about the sheer terror I was feeling and I hoped it might help other parents to see that they weren’t the only ones asking “stupid questions” (via Google at 4am).

Now Ted’s three and has a one year old baby brother, Ben. They each bring whole new layers of worry and panic and frustration and, occasionally, deep deep depression. But they also bring the wonderful cliches of joy and happiness and chocolate.

Especially chocolate.


You can contact me in the comments, on Twitter @stitchnstretch, on facebook or via sdavisonallott at g mail dot com.


2 Responses to About This Blog

  1. Andy Millen says:

    Challenge sexism by making your blog more father friendly. Fathers are parents too, lots of us denied the homemaker role we crave, and dealing with fatherhood in separation/divorce.

    • I don’t think it’s particularly unfriendly to fathers, is it? I’d welcome suggestions, though. The mention of women supporting each other on this page refers specifically to the way we talk about childbirth, but I’d be happy to hear of other bits you think I could improve. Thanks for your comment.

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