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An important lesson to learn

This is one of the most important lessons I’ve learnt throughout this parenting experiment: put grumpy kids in water. Advertisements

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Bank holiday sunshine time

Today the weather was really lovely but we had lots of people coming over at various times to buy the baby items I’m slowly letting go of so we needed ways to keep Ted busy and also have fun as … Continue reading

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Ted’s first pets

When Daddy was a teenager his family gained a new member in the form of a beautiful German Shepherd named Samson. He’d grown up with cats but loved that dog more than anything. My family, however, has a long history … Continue reading

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Happy new routine…?

We’re a week in to 2014 now and I haven’t written a standard Happy New Year blog because, quite frankly, I think the whole thing is a load of rubbish. To me New Year’s Eve is just a night filled … Continue reading

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The most irritating things about babies

Babies. They’re great. They have those big eyes and squidgy nappy-bums. Their cheeks are chubby and their little fingers are just beautiful. But they’re also really bloody annoying. Don’t get me wrong; I love my boys. Watching Ted play or … Continue reading

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Entertaining a toddler part two

If you were wondering, as I suspect you were, what to do with the pasta and rice after you “cook” up a storm following my last post, here’s what Ted and I did with ours. I mixed some watered-down glue … Continue reading

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Entertaining a toddler

Today Ted has had what my Great Aunty Doff used to call the “can’t want tos”, meaning he hasn’t been able to settle to anything and is just generally fed up. He doesn’t know what he wants to do so … Continue reading

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Three 2nd Birthdays

My tiny baby Ted has somehow turned into a giant two year old toddler. It just can’t have been two years since I met him. As I have a big family & BabyDaddy’s lucky enough to have a Grandma he … Continue reading

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Date night

Last night BabyDaddy and I went out! At night! With no toddler! On Wednesday it was our fourth wedding anniversary so we decided to celebrate with a meal in a new restaurant. It just so happened that Patrick Monahan, who … Continue reading

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Fathers’ Day 2013

Happy fathers’ day, BabyDaddy.

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