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Feel the love

I’ve been having a bit of a rough time off-screen so tonight I decided that instead of dwelling on it any more than I already have I was going to go and catch up on all of the blogs I’ve … Continue reading

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What happens when you’ve given birth?

Recently I received a comment on my Pain post from @PaigeVelthouse thanking me for talking about what happens after you’ve given birth, and it got me thinking about what it had actually been like. I dug out the diary I … Continue reading

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Teething part two

So, as I mentioned before my little man is teething like he means it. He started with sore gums really early, but now there’s definitely no denying that his teeth are on their way. My freak-outs aside, watching my boy … Continue reading

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Baby products I couldn’t live without

Since Ted was born I’ve bought so much stuff and some of it was utterly useless (and expensive) but every now and again I find a real gem. Some of those gems are collected together here for the benefit of … Continue reading

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My little monster is now eating real food. Well, you know, mashed up approximations of real food. And he bloody loves it! Ted’s four months old and he’s a big boy (which has probably come up in past entries) so … Continue reading

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In the beginning…

I met BabyDaddy when I was twenty-five and knew straight away that I would marry him and have his babies. I married him two years later and another two and a half years after that I gave him a son. … Continue reading

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