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Congratulations, Painty

Massive HUGE congratulations to my friend and fellow skeptic, Painty. She has given her two year old son a baby brother, thereby helpfully going through everything I’ll be going through with Ted and his brother in a couple of months. … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Kim’s birth story

Next in the series of birth stories is another unusual one – Kim’s is the tale of triplets! It’s pretty safe to say that my birth story is not what most people would consider normal; in fact it was far … Continue reading

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Guest post: birth story

After a long long wait here is the second of my promised guest posts. Unlike my own birth story which I still view as incredibly positive despite its flaws, this guest post describes the experience of feeling unsupported and the … Continue reading

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Packing your hospital bag

You may have already packed and unpacked your hospital bag twenty times, or you might be avoiding it altogether. Unfortunately the day you need it is going to come whether you’re sure you’ve checked that you’ve put the camera batteries … Continue reading

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The ‘One Born Every Minute’ and Netmums people have teamed up to make sure we bloggers occasionally write something coherent, and their first challenge is for us to talk about Dads. I’m a really lucky BabyMummy as my gorgeous husband … Continue reading

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