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Ben led weaning week four

This week has seen Ben chewing and swallowing more food and seeming to enjoy the flavours as much as the experience of squelching and throwing. New this week: Mashed potato. Broccoli. Carrot. Rice cakes. Pasta and bolognese. Sweet potato. Chilli. … Continue reading

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Ben led weaning week three

Ben didn’t really eat much this week and we didn’t try many new things. I don’t want to overwhelm him and I know it’s all going to take time. Sometimes he enjoys prodding and poking the food I put in … Continue reading

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Ben-led weaning week 2

Ben is really enjoying this whole weaning thing and I’m surprised to find that I am too. Whereas with purée-weaning Ted it was tricky feeding him and eating my own dinner BLW is so much easier. Instead of spending hours … Continue reading

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Adventures in BLW

Ben’s now six months old (I know!) so we’re starting the weaning process. After attending a class at the SureStart centre, and inviting people on my Facebook page to discuss their experiences, I decided I’d like to give baby-led weaning … Continue reading

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Teething part two

So, as I mentioned before my little man is teething like he means it. He started with sore gums really early, but now there’s definitely no denying that his teeth are on their way. My freak-outs aside, watching my boy … Continue reading

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My little monster is now eating real food. Well, you know, mashed up approximations of real food. And he bloody loves it! Ted’s four months old and he’s a big boy (which has probably come up in past entries) so … Continue reading

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